Working Like a Workaholic

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Billy Photography

Headshot photography and portrait photography are Chicago photographer Billy Pissios's passion.  Whether you are looking for business photography or desiring the perfect LinkedIn headshot or Facebook profile photo, we are here to help.  Billy Photography offers photography services in studio at our Lakeview / Wrigleyville location 3754 N Ashland Chicago, IL 60613 or anywhere on site at your home, business, or public area.  Wedding photography, engagement photography, headshots, and general portrait photography are what we love to do. No matter the kind of photography, attention is given to fine detail, aesthetics of depth, and color rendering of EVERY finished photo we produce.  Even if you're just looking to capture a moment, the same principles of great photography are applied to make it look beautiful.  When you choose Billy Photography, it means you care about image quality, consider photography an art, and seek to consign only the best in Chicago. 


Should I get professional headshots?

Yes! Something we learn from being professional portrait photographers is that having a great artist do your headshot often has a huge impact on the rest of your life.  When people use a professional photo as their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, profile picture their identity is tied with that photo.  You should have a photo you love that represents you to other people.  For actor's headshots, corporate headshots, model headshots, often times yourself is your business and you deserve to look your best.


Why Billy Photography?

The truth is there are a surplus of photographers and people that want to be photographers today.  Everyone knows some relative or friend of a friend that is a photographer.  I want to be very honest here... Unfortunately, many people don't realize that photography is an art form and there are different technical and creative levels to producing amazing work.  Billy Photography specializes in portrait photography and has a certain style that is desired in the competitive photography world. The same techniques used for high-fashion and beauty editorial photography are applied to all general portrait and headshot photos.  And because we only photograph people, our goal is always to make everyone look their best and produce photos that people love.



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